Immuno-vitalité (immune-vitality)

Immuno-vitalité (immune-vitality)

61,90 TTC

Immuno-Vitality is the revitalizing “all in one” par excellence. It contains 6 natural and noble ingredients with exceptional stimulating powers of immunity and general vitality. By its generous formula, it participates in the effective support of the body during convalescence, great fatigue and periods of great stress. It also helps relieve menopausal and andropause related disorders.



60 capsules de 365 mg

Ingrédients for 2 capsules

  • Organic Red Ginseng 160 mg
  • Organic Royal Jelly 160 mg
  • Organic crushed saffron syringes 10 mg
  • Organic Spirulina 200 mg
  • Camu Camu bio 40 mg
  • Organic curcuma 160 mg

Suggested usage
Take 2 capsules at breakfast
Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women because of the presence of saffron which is against them indicated. For them, SantéSafran designed MATERNIAS.


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